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25 February 2007 @ 04:24 pm
Mel...the footballer!  

Mel...the footballer!
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Oh man, I played american football this weekend and got my butt kicked!!! It was hard work! My legs are just two long (ok well short) sticks of soreness. The volunteer support network, which i'm on, had an event in the mountain town of Vratsa. We had an american football and played a game. It wasnt very competitive, but there was plenty of smack talk. It was plenty cold too but being that we werent a bunch of wussies, we played without coats. I actually tackled two different people. I'd like to think that I was the MVP of the game. Other people might tell you that I wasn't, but those people would be wrong.

Here are some of my friends at the game:

and here's a picture of stephanie enjoying the first snow of Montana:
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